After the Deluge

I´m so happy today to introduce a new home and decor sponsor :22769 ~ [bauwerk] and original mesh brand that made mostly of the items you can see in the post. Tysm to Paco Pooley and Manuel Ormidale for add me in their bloggers team.

Hut/dock/boat/raffle: 22769 ~ [bauwerk]-After the Deluge-Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Boat bed: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] -Seven Seas Bed - Enchanment
Chair: concept}-SeaSide Beach Chair
Rowing Shelf: Lark - Beachcomber Shelf 
Paint pot over the sea: Lark - Paint Your Dream- Collabor88
Worktable and bag: Shutter Field-saw horse set  
Boxes: Serenity Style- My Forest Warehouse BOXES- The Gacha Garden
Swimmers and rowing: Serenity Style- Vintage Sea Deco
Cat: Tentacio- My Life with a cat
Pillows: Serenity Style- Sea Side Set

Hans Inshan

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